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Firesafe Flange Cover

Firesafe Flange Cover

Fire Safety For Connections With Flange Insulation Kits

The two pre-shaped shells are made from a propriety epoxy resin system densely filled with organic fibers, fastened over a flanged connection. The CFP provides leak visibility, can be installed and removed for Inspection or service and allows a standard G10 Flange Insulation Kit to pass an API 6FB fire test.

Product Features

  • API Standard 6FB Fire test certification using standard G10 Flange Insulation Kit with G10 washers and sleeves.
  • Safety shield for hazardous media leaks. Protection for service teams
  • Allows use of high performing insulation kits, enhancing corrosion control performance
  • Less time and expense to purchase and install compared to fire safe insulation kits
  • Protects existing assets with no process/production interruption
  • Custom Sizes, Colors and Shapes are available upon request.
  • In stock for pipe size 1/2″ to 6″ (Consult Factory for Larger Sizes)
  • Patent Pending
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