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Insulated Enclosures

Pre-Insulated Panel System Enclosures that protect equipment and personnel from the environment

Meter Stations
Pump Stations
Odorization Shelters
Industrial and Special Applications

Why Step-Ko Insulated Enclosures?

  • Excellent structural capabilities
  • In-house design and engineering assistance
  • Custom designs and AutoCAD
  • Best insulating material UL class 1, Non CFC ENVIROFOAM that will save energy cost and meets most building codes

Panel Construction

insulated enclosure infastructure panelModular structures are all custom designed to fit the individual customers’ needs. Each panel consists of an interior and exterior metal pan with structural wood frame, steel rail and high density foam rail frame. These pans are separated by rigid foam-in-place self extinguishing urethane insulation which adheres to the interior of the pans providing increased structural strength. All panels have tongue and groove construction and a sealant gasket is applied to all joints forming an air-tight seal. Each panel is secured together using a state of the are cam locking fastener system that allows access to tight each panel while maintaining a smooth exterior and interior surface.


NSF Certified
U. L., Class 1 listed urethane foam insulation in Step-Ko Products enclosures.
USDA Approved Materials

Some Useful Applications
  • Meter Station Buildings
  • Odorization Buildings/Cabinets
  • Pump Station Building
  • Telecommunication Shelters
  • Gas Utility Enclosures
  • Industrial Applications
  • Battery Cabinets
  • Backflow Preventer Shelters
Product Options
  • Available electrical packages by licensed electricians
  • Steel and Aluminum Skids
  • Diamond Plate Base Flooring for Sturdy Equipment Installation
  • Palletized panels ready for shipment for Field Assembly
  • Optional exteriors:
  • Metal, FRP, Cement, or Stone Aggregate Panels
Architectural Specifications
insulated enclosure

Standard insulation is foamed-in-place Non-CFC U. L. Class 1 rated urethane foam. It has a thermal conductivity (K Factor) of .120* BTU/Hr/Sq. ft/Degrees/F/in. and overall heat transfer co-efficient (U Factor) of not more than .030 BTU/Hr.Sq.Ft.

Class 1 urethane foam has a flame spread of 25 or less overall. Wood frame panels available in 3.5½ and 5½ thickness. Foam rail and steel rail panels available in 4½ or 5½ thickness. Other thickness available by request.

Metals & Finishes
  • 26 gallon Bright Stucco embossed galvanized steel
  • Standard colors available are white, black, and almond
Optional Finishes
  • FRP
  • Cement Board
  • Stone Aggregate and texture finishes
  • 24 gallon Stucco embossed galvanized Steel
  • 24 gallon 304 Stainless Steel #4 Finish
Standard Designs & Features
  • Designed for local wind load requirements
  • Designed for local seismic zone requirements
  • Pre-hung doors and framed openings
  • Reinforced openings
Optional Features
  • Special doors, locks, and panic hardware
  • Special reinforcement openings
  • Membrane roofing system
  • Shed-style roofing systems
  • Gable roofing systems
insulated enclosure by step-ko
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