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Assureastop® Monolithic Isolation/Insulating Joints

The Monolithic Isolation Joint is an innovative patented seal system design consisting of an oversized “U-Shaped” gasket built around an insulating spacer.

Monolithic Insulating/Isolation Joint Features

  • Considerable money savings compared to insulating flanges
  • Maintenance free
  • Excellent pressure seal even if with exceptional external forces (tensile, Compression, Bending)
  • Minor Current Leakage
  • “CE” Certified: Suitable for potentially explosive atmosphere services
monolithic isolation joint

Monolithic Insulating Joints For Water Pipeline N.D. 128″ (3251 mm)

monolithic insulating joint

Monolithic Insulating Joints Suitable For Temperature -60º C

monolithic isolation joint
monolithic insulating joint at step-ko
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