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Assureacon Monolithic Isolating Spool

Assureacon™ Monolithic Isolating Spool

The Assureacon™ Isolating Spool is the newest most unique way to isolate pipelines • and flow lines in applications where CO2/H2S Media and various other liquids (i.e. Salt water or brine water) that cause accelerated corrosion of steel piping from the effects of carbonic acid. The Assureacon™ Isolating Spool can also be used in isolation of steel pipelines where cathodic isolation is needed (i.e. water, waste water, oil and natural gas) or various other types of media. The Assureacon™ isolating system uses a proprietary internal and external coating systems that insures all the internal components are coated that will come in contact with the service helping to prevent internal corrosion. Every isolating spool is 100% hydro statically and electrical tested before shipment. The Assureacon™ Monolithic Isolating Spools are manufactured and documented through our ISO 9001-2015 Quality System.

Features and Benefits
  • Above Ground Isolation in Lieu of Isolating Gasket Kits
  • Harsh Fluid Media Lines such as CO2/H2S/Carbonic Acid Service
  • Various Sizes and Presssure Classes Available
  • Available in both Flanged and Weld End Connections
  • Can Mount in Vertical and Horizontal Positions
  • Working Temperature Range Up to 300° F (Up to 149° C)

Over 1 year of Service in Carbonic Acid without Pitting or Visible Corrosion

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