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Flange Protection

Stainless Steel and Non-Metallic (PLASTIC) Flange Connection Protection Covers

The Step-Ko Products flange protector covers are used in the protection of flange faces (Raised face or Ring joint type), stud bolts, and gaskets from the elements of corrosion. The Step-Ko flange protector covers are available in 316ss stainless steel as well as Non-Metallic (plastic). Both materials come with the closed cell rubber liner for sealing protection. The Step-Ko protector covers are currently manufactured in sizes for ½” to 144” diameter in ANSI, API and AWWA flanged connections. The Step-Ko flange covers systems coupled with the STOPAQ® or E2000/E2400 flange fillers have been used in the protection of flanged connections for many years with much success in harsh conditions.

Flange Cover Construction
  • 316 Stainless Steel Band -OR- Non-Metallic Band
  • 316 ss Injection Fittings
  • 316 ss Worm Gear Clamps
  • Closed Cell Neoprene Line (Temp. – 30°F to 180°F)
  • ECH Rubber Liner (Temp. – up to 300°F)
  • Safety Relief Valve available that bleeds at 5 psi
Step-Ko Flange Cover Protection Advantages
  • Ease of installation
  • No special tools required
  • Easy access to inspect the connection
  • Durable (Not easily damaged)
  • UV stable Non-Metallic material
  • Reusable

Flange Filler System

For Temperatures up to 176°F

Flange Filler is a unique approach in solving corrosion problems in the long run.

Flange Filler is a coating based upon synthetic a-polar polymers. The paste form makes it easy to apply with little preparation. The visco-elastic formulation allows the material to flow into gaps and voids, creating an excellent seal against corrosion.

Flange Filler saves time and money because of the ease of use, giving long term protection.

The Properties
  • Excellent bonding to steel, FBE, PU, PE
  • High specific electric resistance
  • Weather/salt resistant
  • Temperatures range from -60° to 176°F
  • Fills the complete space
  • Removable/Re-usable
  • No heavy surface preparation to the flange connection is required prior to application
  • Ease of injection using the manual or pneumatic guns with the flexible nozzle. This gives assurance that the annulus is completely filled prior to sealing with the CZ wrap.
For Temperatures up to 250°F

E-2400/E2000 High Temperature Flange Filler

The Step-Ko E2400/E2000 high temperature corrosion preventative flange filler is designed to protect flanged connections from corrosion in high temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The E2400/E2000 is a non-electrolytic approach in the way of a gel to corrosion protection of steel flanges, bolts, pipes, and structures.

The nut/bolt assembly was tested to ASTM-B1117 salt spray test for 2000 hours. The area that was protected with the E2000/2400 could still be turned by hand. The E2400/E2000 when properly installed helps protect flange connections from corrosion for easy corrosion prevention.

Nut/Bolt Protection Covers

Step-Ko Products offers polyethylene nut covers to protect the exposed bolt and nut portion of the flange connection from the elements that cause corrosion. These covers are designed to fit tight against the nut therefore protecting from costly repairs or replacements from having to cut stud bolts off. These caps have been used from the protection of bridge and tunnel bolting, to the harsh environments of offshore platforms and refinery/chemical plant applications. By choosing to protect steel stud bolts and nuts early, the nut protector will help in costly bolt replacements in the future. This is preventative maintenance at its best!

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