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Pipeline Markers

The PipeMarker pipeline/utility markers, made of a non-metallic UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material, are used to make people aware that a pipeline, cable, or conduit is buried underneath. PipeMarkers show ownership of buried material and could prevent or decrease the chance of accidental damage. To ensure maximum cathodic protection, vents are used on the cross casing, ridding corrosion! To install, simply bury the base in the ground and the anchor tube will prevent the marker from twisting. The PipeMarker can be seen from any angle, even straight up in the air and optional fluorescent fittings can more so increase visibility. The text on the fittings are hot stamped to prevent vandalism. PipeMarkers are maintenance free, promising a low-cost life after installation and its tubular design makes it resistant to “wind whip.”

pipeline markers
pipeline markers

PipeMarker Observation Marker

pipeline flatline markersThe PipeMarker Observation Markers are made of a weather resistant aluminum frame that includes extra cross supports. These observation markers each come standard with up to four, 13” extra high vinyl numbers that comes with a minimum of fifteen years of outdoor life. The numbers can be customized to be extra reflective and can come in any color imaginable as well as the high gloss, clear coated background.

The PipeMarker Observation Marker is extra sturdy, consisting of a dual loop mounting system to prevent “wind whip,” twisting, and most of all, tampering. Everything is bolted using 18-8 Stainless Steel Bolts and Flange Lock Nuts which eliminates worries of broken welds in the field.

The FlatMarker

The FlatMarker serves the same purpose as the PipeMarker but more eco-friendly. The FlatMarker is designed for low-key jobs and it will install in no time using standard tools. The FlatMarkers come in red, yellow, white, and blue, are made of UV-stabilized fiberglass making it completely resistant to all elements. The FlatMarker can come with or without the weather resistant, vinyl-made decals.

Splice/Test Station

Test Stations are made for monitoring buried items and providing an outlet to alter or manipulate chemical reactions taking place between metal objects and surrounding soil. All cathodic protection Test  Stations are manufactured and assembled in the USA. Our CP Test Stations are made from high impact strength, non-conductive and UV protection polycarbonate.
pipeline line markers
pipeline marker test stations by step-ko
Unlike most test stations, our test stations look almost exact to our original PipeMarkers. This similarity feature was included into our design in order to further confuse vandals and the curious. To the untrained eye, it looks just like any other PipeMarker.
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