Assureaseal™ SSC (Stainless Steel) Series Critical Service Sealing Gasket

stainless steel gasketThe Assureaseal™ SSC is designed for Severe Service Applications. The Gasket is suitable for sealing pipeline flanges with flow media of Hydrocarbon based media like gas, natural gas & oiL This Gasket Material can also withstand most low concentrations of chemical based media with a temperature range of (Min -200°F) to (Max 350°F/180°C).

The Step-Ko Assureaseal™ SSC gasket is manufactured from a GRE Epoxy Glass Laminate, that is permanently, fused to a 316 Stainless Steel core. This material offers high compression strength for positive seal ability in a harsh environment, while maintaining its electrical isolation. This severe service gasket incorporates a Spring Energized Teflon SeaL The Assureaseal™ SSC is suitable in all services including ANSI 2500# thru API 10,000# classes. The Gasket can be purchased alone for standard service gaskets, or as a complete kit which includes: the Isolation Sleeve’s, Washers, & steel backup washers. The Assureaseal™ SSC also requires less bolt stress to seal the Teflon Spring Energized seal element.

  • High Strength laminate material resists failure due to excessive compression from over torquing
  • Stops galvanic corrosion in dissimilar metal flanges
  • Perfect for mating mismatched RTJ with raised-faced flanges
  • Pressure energized seals provide extreme confidence in sealing, preventing costly leaks
  • Managing severe service conditions including flange vibration, temperature & pressure fluctuations
  • Seals and isolates all pressure ratings through ANSI 2500 class and API 15,000
  • Severe service applications
  • H2S service
  • High pressure flanges
  • Mating dissimilar flange faces, SSC can seal raised faced, flat face, slip on flanges & ring joint
  • Isolation between dissimilar metals to prevent galvanic corrosion
  • Eliminates the worry of sealing flanges where there is severe vibration/cavitations
  • Cathodic protection in conjunction with total flange isolation