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Assureaseal™ SSC (Stainless Steel) Series Critical Service Sealing Gasket

The Assureaseal™ SSC is designed for Severe Service Applications. The Gasket is suitable for sealing pipeline flanges with flow media of Hydrocarbon based media like gas, natural gas & oil. This Gasket Material can also withstand most low concentrations of chemical based media with a temperature range of (Min -200°F) to (Max 350°F/180°C).

The Step-Ko Assureaseal™ SSC gasket is manufactured from a GRE Epoxy Glass Laminate, that is permanently, fused to a 316 Stainless Steel core. This material offers high compression strength for positive seal ability in a harsh environment, while maintaining its electrical isolation. This severe service gasket incorporates a Spring Energized Teflon SeaL The Assureaseal™ SSC is suitable in all services including ANSI 2500# thru API 10,000# classes. The Gasket can be purchased alone for standard service gaskets, or as a complete kit which includes: the Isolation Sleeve’s, Washers, & steel backup washers. The Assureaseal™ SSC also requires less bolt stress to seal the Teflon Spring Energized seal element.

  • High Strength laminate material resists failure due to excessive compression from over torquing
  • Stops galvanic corrosion in dissimilar metal flanges
  • Perfect for mating mismatched RTJ with raised-faced flanges
  • Pressure energized seals provide extreme confidence in sealing, preventing costly leaks
  • Managing severe service conditions including flange vibration, temperature & pressure fluctuations
  • Seals and isolates all pressure ratings through ANSI 2500 class and API 15,000
  • Severe service applications
  • H2S service
  • High pressure flanges
  • Mating dissimilar flange faces, SSC can seal raised faced, flat face, slip on flanges & ring joint
  • Isolation between dissimilar metals to prevent galvanic corrosion
  • Eliminates the worry of sealing flanges where there is severe vibration/cavitations
  • Cathodic protection in conjunction with total flange isolation


At Step-Ko, we know that working in extreme conditions creates a demand for extreme products that can withstand those conditions to perform at 100 percent. That’s why we have designed our Assureaseal Severe Service Application (SSC) Gaskets that can aid corrosion prevention to maintain the integrity of pipelines and piping systems in the harshest environments.

Our Assureaseal SSC Gasket is designed with our customers’ needs in mind. The SSC Gasket is made for sealing pipeline flanges with hydrocarbon-based flow media, such as gas, natural gas and oil. It can also withstand most low concentrations of chemical-based media with a temperature range of -200 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

What this means for our customers is that they can be assured of a safe, strong seal on their flanged connections and cathodic protection, in addition to the isolation of flanges, to prevent electrical corrosion where harsh conditions, such as flange vibration, temperature and pressure fluctuations, exist. Another key advantage to Step-Ko’s Assureaseal SSC Gasket is that it can mate dissimilar flange faces. It is capable of sealing raised face flanges, flat face flanges, slip-on and ring joint flanges.

The Step-Ko Assureseal SSC Gasket is made from a GRE Epoxy Glass Laminate that is fused to a 316 Stainless Steel Core, which offers high-compression strength for positive sealing ability in a harsh environment while maintaining electrical isolation. The Laminate is a barrier of protection against failure due to excessive compression from over-torquing. The SSC Gasket also incorporates a spring energized Teflon seal for optimal sealing performance in harsh conditions. The pressure-energized seal provides extreme confidence in sealing.

That confidence is our gift to our customers. When using our products, our customers know they can rely on the integrity of their flanged connections, even when their pipelines are working under harsh conditions.

We design all of our products with our customers in mind. The Assureaseal SSC Gasket is suitable in all services, including ANSI 2500# through API 10,000# classes. It is available in a variety of standard sizes, but can also be customized to fit our customers’ needs.

As a leading provider of corrosion prevention solutions, our goal is to provide the highest-quality products at an affordable price with exceptional customer service. Part of that service is delivering what you need when you need it. To help us achieve that, we have inventory is multiple warehouses across the United States. We strive to meet or exceed customer delivery demands, which helps us keep one step ahead of the competition.

Our dedicated staff is always on-hand and accessible to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with our company, and come to regard us as an essential partner in their success.  

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