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Moisture Seal

The Step-Ko Products Moisture Seal utilizes the combination of the SK2400 gel filler and the seal capabilities of the SM-65A fabric tape to form a moisture barrier between the concrete ring and steel ring interface. The chime seal tape is gray in color and is U/V resistant. The seal provides excellent adhesion characteristics to both the steel and concrete surfaces.

moisture seal
industrial moisture seal
oilfield moisture seal
moisture seal
Typical Properties
Typical Values Test Method
Thickness 65 mils
Tensile Strength 50 lbs./in. Width (769 PSI) ASTM D 882 (Method B)
Puncture Resistance 200 lbs. ASTM E 154
Permeance – Perms 0.1 max ASTM E 96 (Method B)
Pliability at low temperatures (0ºF., -15ºF., -25ºF)* No cracks in fabric or rubberized asphalt ASTM D 146 (Modified)
Elongation 80 ASTM D 4632
Grab Tensile Strength 246 ASTM D 4632
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