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Assureaseal™ HT (High Temperature) Critical Service Gasket

The Assureaseal ™ Cathodic Isolation Gasket is manufactured for vital service flange sealing and electrical isolation. The gaskets are comprised of a new age very high compression strength glass epoxy material, CBS 3111. This material has been developed proprietarily for Step-Ko Products LLC. The Assureaseal ™ can be used in extreme pressurized flanges and in extreme heat which would deteriorate most other materials. The Assureaseal ™ Gasket is manufactured from all composite material to prevent the internal build up causing electrical cross arc. These gaskets can provide excellent seal ability in flanges from ANSI 150# to ANSI 2500# flanges. In extreme heat applications this CBS3111 material can withstand temperature’s exceeding 400°F.

The Assureaseal ™ Cathodic Isolation Gasket incorporates a glass reinforced, spring energized Teflon ® seal with a 316 Stainless Steel internal coil spring. These seals allow constant pressure be applied with minimal cold flow ultimately providing exceptional seal and catholically isolating the flange for superior reliability.

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